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Mikes Den


All about this bear named Mike

HI! I'm Mike, (formerly known as Thibland on AOL). I live in south Louisiana with my lover Dan. We've been together since August, 1990. We make a great couple. You can find out more about him by going to his page The Bear Trap!.

I've got two children from a previous marriage. Shawn, my daughter got married a few years ago to a local city police officer, and has a degree in education. She is a teacher at the local high school. Shane works at a plumbing and air conditioning supply house. No, he's NOT gay. He just got engaged to his girlfriend of several years. I hope to have some pictures of both of them up soon. I've also added some pictures of Dan and myself. Use the navigation bar below to view them.

The picture below was taken at the Southern Decadence festival in New Orleans, Louisiana (Sept. 1998). If you have never tried Southern Decadence, you don't know what you're missing.

Use this navigation bar to see our pictures, and to find out more about us!