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How We Met

Mike and I met in early 1990. I suppose I should go back a bit further to really explain the whole story. It was probably the late summer or fall of 1989 when I first saw Mike. I was sitting at a red light, when I glanced over at the pick-up truck parked next to me. I wasn't "out" yet, but knew what I liked in men. That first glimpse of him sent my pulse soaring. What a HOT man! I didn't know what to do. I didn't want him to see me looking, but couldn't keep my eyes away. He was dressed in a muscle shirt, and I had a view of the back of his right shoulder. He was very tanned, and just a bit sweaty, enough to make his skin glisten in the afternoon sun. I was hooked!

I remember being afraid. I'd never felt the things I was feeling. My pulse was racing, my head felt light, and my hands got clammy. Should I pull up further to get a look at his face? No, he might see me. What should I do? Before I could do anything the light turned green and he drove away.

"Oh well," I thought "it's probably for the best. I'm not ready to do anything, and besides he's probably straight." End of story, or so I thought.

It must have been a week or so later, I was eating lunch in the local park, which is the only place to cruise around here when in comes that guy in the white truck again. "What's he doing here?", I wondered. I watched him drive once through the park and leave. "He must just be passing through for lunch."

Once again, I assumed this was the end of the story, but a few days later I saw him in the park again. I wasn't "out", but had been frequenting the park for quite some time trying to figure out how to go about meeting someone in a small town such as ours. My search hadn't been fruitful. The difficulties were compounded by the fact that I knew what I liked in a man, and that didn't include the normal "gay" men. I was never attracted to slim, muscular, pretty boys. I wanted a real man, an average Joe, a little on the stocky side, with lots of hair. From what I had seen of the gay life I must have been an anomaly, and this guy was perfect!

It was several months before I managed to get a good look at his face, and when I did I almost melted. He had a thick, full, dark brown beard and the sexiest brown eyes you could imagine. If I could only figure out what he was doing in this park. Was he cruising? It would be months before I found out.

Meanwhile, I made every attempt to find out who he was. I started by frequenting the park even more. I realized that he made several trips through there in the afternoon, but was primarily there at lunch. I made it my business to be there every day for lunch. Over time, I saw him talking to several other men. All of them were men that I knew were gay, but they would talk for a while and most of the time he would leave alone. A few times the two of them left at the same time, but I didn't really want to get caught following them so I had no idea what they did after they drove off. My mind became tuned to the look of that white company truck. It seemed as if I saw him everywhere I went now.

One evening I was sitting in the park and a small brown car drove by. I saw the driver staring at me and realized it was him, the guy in the white work truck. He was with his wife and 2 children. Now I was really confused.

Once again, this may have been the end of everything, but why did he look at me so hard? Was he interested? If he was, what about his wife and family? I didn't want to hurt anyone. Everything was adding up to make this more and more difficult.

Meanwhile, I had met a guy in the park who I'll call Steve (Not his real name). He was obviously gay! We talked several times, and he kept trying to find excuses for me to go to his apartment. I did think he was an attractive man, but he was so feminine that it was a turn off for me; however, he was VERY persistent. I'd been alone for so long, and seeing Mike on a daily basis was making me quite frustrated. Finally, I broke down one day and gave Steve a ride home. I stayed and "visited" for several hours, thinking about Mike the whole time.

Now I had the fever. I had experienced what I had only dreamed of in the past, and I wanted Mike more than anything. I began to truly stalk him. I would sneak around and "be available" whenever I thought I would run into him. I found where he lived, his name, phone number, and the ages of his children. It's fairly easy to do this in a small town.

During this time I became more active. I met several men, but none were what I really wanted. One day, months later I was sitting in the park again and talking to Steve. I was really not interested in going back and had been putting him off for months. While we spoke I saw Mike drive by on the road next to the park. He glanced out his window and was about to turn away when he did a serious double take. His reaction could only mean one thing. He knew Steve to!

"Oh man," I thought, "this is too cool. I'm going to find out everything I want to know tonight."

I quickly made plans to meet Steve that evening, and left for work, but didn't go straight there. I took a short drive around, and drove back by the park. Sure enough, there was Mike talking to the Steve. I smiled from ear to ear!

That night I went "visit", and finally asked about Mike.

"Yes," Steve replied, "he fools around, but you told me not to tell anyone about you, so I told him that you're straight and will knock his lights out if you approach him." Now this put an interesting twist on things. For a moment I was angry, but being a natural born practical joker the possibilities seemed hilarious.

I spent the next month playing him for everything I could. One day I'd make eye contact and smile my warmest smile. The next day I'd ignore him. It really was a hoot watching the puzzled expression on his face. The poor guy didn't know what to make of me. The only problemwith this game was that it wasn't helping my sexual frustration at all.

One day we were both in the park. It was raining and since both of our jobs were outside jobs, we didn't have anything to do. I sat there for a few minutes watching him, and suddenly got tired of the game. "I'm going talk to him right now!"

I caught him completely off guard. I drove in and purposely blocked his truck in with mine. He was stuck there until I was ready for him to leave. I walked up, smiled my best smile and started a conversation about the weather. How original! Oh well, it was all I could come up with and it worked. We talked for almost an hour. I was determined that since I had made the first move, he would have to make the next. After all, he was the one with a wife and kids and I had to be certain that he wanted to do this. I approached him, we talked, and I made sure he knew where I lived. As the afternoon got late, he decided it was time to go home. He didn't mention the family, but I knew that they were the real reason he was leaving.

The next day I didn't go to the park at all. He later confided in me that he was going crazy that day. He HAD been interested all those months, and now that we had met I was missing for the first time in almost a year. Now it was his turn to be really confused. Was I gay? Was I interested? Was I avoiding him?

The next day was Friday and I got off of work at noon. I didn't go to the park that day either. I guess I was having second thoughts, so I decided to stay home. At about 1:00 I saw him drive by in front of my house. He stopped a half a block down the street and began to do some work. I still believe that he was just faking it, but he insist he actually did have work there. I lived on a tiny alley, and it was just too much of a coincidence for him to suddenly have work nearby. I decided that he must be trying to build up the courage to come knock on my door and my devious side came out again. I quickly took off my shoes and socks, and shirt. I sat there in a skimpy set of coach's shorts and waited. It only took him 15 minutes to do his job, and then he drove to my house and knocked on the door. I was ready for him.

I opened the door and warmly invited him in. "Please, come on in. Have a seat."

I had a very small house and the only place to sit was the couch. As I invited him to sit, I sank back and threw one leg up on the sofa. He had no choice but to sit there and look at my crotch.

Then we talked, and talked, and talked. We discussed everything except what we both had in mind. I reminded myself several times that HE would have to make the next move. After an hour or so of this teasing he got a little brave. He began to emphasize what he was saying by touching. First, he would touch my arm and then my leg. It was just brief touches at first, but when I didn't flinch he started to leave his hand there a little longer. I wouldn't give any reaction. I didn't pull away, but also didn't move closer. You could see the confusion in his face. Suddenly he stood up and stated that he needed to go. It was near the end of the day and time for him to go home.

"Ha!" I thought. "He's trying to force my hand."

"OK," I said, "I'll see you later."

The expression on his face at that moment was priceless. He didn't really want to go, but didn't know what else to do. He was scared, excited, and confused all at the same time. So I started talking about something else and we ended up sitting on the sofa again. This scenario repeated itself several times over the next 1/2 hour. Each time we would sit back down he would sit a bit closer to me. He was so close that his leg was in continual contact with mine, and his hand rarely left my leg. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore. He made some funny comment and laughed a nervous laugh. For emphasis he rubbed up my thigh several times. On the last up stroke he let his hand continue until I smiled and said, "I was wondering how long it would take you to get there."

I can't remember exactly what happened then. I only remember how soft his lips were, and how warm and natural his body felt. We've been together since that day.

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